2017 Funding Appeal

In the Spring of 2017 our group home in Butler, New Jersey, which serves five special needs adults will be celebrating it’s sixteenth anniversary since it’s conversion from a family home. While we make all necessary improvements and repairs to keep our clients safe and sound, it is a very busy and active house and, with resources scarce, the home is showing its age. As such, we would like to brighten up the living environment to make it both more appealing to our clients and more resistant to further wear and tear.

While ALFA receives some state funding for upkeep of our group homes, these funds are barely adequate to cover essential maintenance. In fact, ALFA has seen our expenses increase by nearly 40 percent over the past few years, while our funding has increased by less than 5 percent over the same time period. And, while staff and friends of ALFA have been generous in donating of their time and labor, we hope to provide more to enrich the lives of our clients. So, ALFA is setting a goal to raise $12,000 to fund improvements to our Butler group home. The improvements we hope to make, with your help, include the following:

  • Install new laminate flooring in the dining room
  • Remove and replace laminate kitchen flooring
  • Update one full bathroom, two half bathrooms and a shower room
  • Refurbish four bedrooms, including painting and lighting fixture upgrades
  • Refinish all paintwork in public and private areas
  • Replacement of railroad tie retaining walls

Please donate whatever you can by using the donate feature onĀ each page of our website. All donations are tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) organization, and every penny of your donation, less any PayPal fees, will be used to fund improvements to our Butler home. If you would like your donation to be committed to a specific improvement listed above, you will have the opportunity to indicate as such during the payment process. If you prefer, you may send a check, cash or money order to the following address and a receipt will be returned to you:

2014 Funding Appeal
ALFA Development Inc
39 Oak Ridge Road,
Newfoundland, NJ 07435

Thank you on behalf of our clients, whose lives you will enhance through your generosity and kindness.