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CB 2Our Supporters

ALFA would like to take this opportunity to thank those Companies, Organizations, Groups and Individuals who have generously donated monies, their premises, equipment or materials and their time in support of the clients that we serve.

Some of our supporters have funded special projects such as the installation of a back up generator at our main program, some have contributed to our general fundraising which may have paid for client trips, vacations and parties, house and program premise and plant refurbishment, unpaid medical expenses, individual hardship payments or funded one to one care during hospitalizations.

We have many generous Benefactors to thank for their kindness and generosity, some of them are listed below.

Doug Flutie Jr Foundation for Autism

ALFA would like to offer our sincerest thanks Doug Flutie Jr Foundation for their great support. They very generously awarded us a grant for $10,000 which ALFA used towards providing a much needed back up generator so our clients can continue to receive the continuity of programming they most desperately need during long term power outer outages such as the ones that have occured during the last few years where the program had not been able to operate for many weeks due to the lack of power.

The goal of the Flutie Foundation is to improve the quality of life for people and families living with autism.
They are dedicated to increasing the awareness of autism and the unique challenges of families who are faced with it everyday. Our commitment is to support these families by helping them find the resources they need and by funding advocacy programs as well as educational, therapeutic and recreational opportunities.
Doug Flutie, Jr. was born on November 29, 1991. Up until the age of 2 1/2 he seemed to be developing normally and spoke in almost full sentences. Then the Fluties noticed a gradual change in Dougie; he seemed to be regressing. He went from speaking in sentences to phrases, then to single words. Eventually he lost all speech. At the age of three he was diagnosed with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder or CDD. CDD is a rare form of autism with little information known about it. One difference between children with CDD from many other children with autism is the presence of affection. While some people with autism avoid human contact, Dougie welcomes it.

If you would like more information on the Doug Flutie Jr Foundation please visit their website which is listed below.

Mt Carmel Church

ALFA offers our sincere gratitude to Monsignor Roziack and the people of Mt Carmel church in Ridgewood, NJ for their kindness in recognizing the the needs of the Autistic community with a very generous donation of $2474. Mt Carmel have been raising funds for ALFA for many years and their continued friendship and financial support of our mission is greatly appreciated. Our clients lives have been badly disrupted by the weather emergencies such as Hurricane Irene and “Snowtober” in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy last fall, the generosity of Mt Carmel will help us purchase a back up generator that will allow the clients the environmental and emotional consistency by being able to be served at a familiar location when power is lost at their place of residence in the future”.

Fort Lee PBA

ALFA would like to sincerely thank our friends from the Fort Lee PBA for their ongoing kindness and generosity.

Paramus Knights of Columbus  5680 

ALFA would also like to thank our friends from the Colombian Club, Knights of Columbus, 5680 for their ongoing kindness and generosity.

Family and Individual Donations

At ALFA we always strive to go above and beyond with the goal of making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We understand that this would not be possible without the generosity of  the many individuals and families who generously make donations to support us. We would like to thank the following supporters, many of whom give annually to support us in our mission.

Eileen and James P McMahon
Aedan and Noreen Dowling
Dr Philip and Diana Affuso
Brian McMahon
Joshua and Jeanne Burwick
Dr’s Michael and Gabriella Weiss
Lorraine Caldwell
Mary Rogers
NJ State Knights of Columbus 1736-200
Michael McMahon
Barbara Pannone
Marie Meidanis
Diane Hiller
Edgar Arevelo
Michael McMahon
Eileeen and Robert Benson
Habtai Gebrezhi
Mr and Mrs Olstein
Claire Dowling
Dr Robert P Forte
Gladys and David Gilfenan
Thomas Gropler
Richard and Corinne Steensma
Sylvia Riskin
Yvonne C Schutt
Lillian Sullivan
Dorothy Westra
Beatrice Victory
Kathy Watson
The Women’s club of Paramus
Medical Specialties of New Jersey
Lab Corp of America
Dr and Mrs George Ajjan
Carrol Brown
Dr Cristina Tzilinis
Give with Liberty/Anthony Mundhenk
Bernice Mullin
New Jersey Workshop for the Arts
A C and Nora Giurlando
Ramona and William Walsh
John and Clare Rennar
Louis Mortiz
Knights of Columbus: West Orange, NJ.
Peter and Ann Marie Pinchera
Mike Fitzpatrick and Son Inc
The Sunrise Rotary of Denville
Jack Sahagian
Mr and Mrs Jerry Ciraulo
Dr and Mrs Eugene Sweeney
Mr and Mrs Vito Lenooci
Dr and Mrs Salvatore Forcina

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