A Growing Community

ALFA Development Satellite Day Program

ALFA Development Inc is pleased to announce the opening of our fully operating satellite day program. This is a wonderful, bright and airy space that ALFA acquired via long term lease beginning in the summer of 2014. The space had previously been a furniture store and subsequently a fitness center.  The 4000 square foot space is perfect for our use, as it has lots of natural sunlight and the work and activity areas are large and open. Areas in the program include a skills training area, an in house library, an arts and crafts an area where our full time art therapist is based. Together with our staff, our art therapist works on both individual skills as well as group projects, many of which find their way home at the end of the week.

The program also contains a sensory room, which is a fabulous addition where the clients enjoy soothing and ALFA Development's new sensory room for special needs adults relaxing sounds in a darkened room with glowing lights and sensory touch objects, light towers and lava lamps. There are ample bathrooms and a shower room, a feature that was left from the buildings previous usage. The majority of our clients spend time between the original program building and the satellite program, and we have found that the movement really helps those individuals that have difficulty with transitioning. With both programs operating and a interactive community activity schedule, our clients have a full and varied schedule set within a consistent structure that is of such importance to those we serve.

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