Employee Focus

In the second of our occasional series focusing on the very special people that work for us we would like to feature Eugene Edwards. Gene has worked for ALFA for very many years and is popular with clients and colleagues alike. Gene was born and raised in Whippany, NJ, a small town in Morris County. Gene went to Hanover Park High School, in East Hanover, where he graduated. Gene then attended McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where he studied and earned a bachelors degree. After graduating Gene returned to the US where he started a career in advertising. Gene was based in New York City where he was an account executive for two major recruitment advertising agencies. After spending some time in that position Gene began to feel that he was not fully satisfied with his career so he applied to be the payroll administrator at the Foundation for the Handicapped in Wayne, NJ. The Foundation provided employment for individuals with Developmental Disabilities who are able to do tasks in the workplace, and in turn receive a paycheck from their employers, this makes them feel much more independent. After spending several years with the Foundation Gene applied for a position with ALFA, Gene immediately felt complete, that this was the job that he had been looking for. Gene adds that helping individuals with disabilities gives him a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, and at ALFA we strive to help those we serve to increase their life skills leading to greater independence.


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