Employee Family Focus


From time to time we are going to be including a feature on the many great people who work with those that we serve, all part of the ALFA family.

For this month we would like to highlight Zachary Ombicha. Zach came to work at ALFA in 2004, and has been a hardworking, caring co worker and friend for those eleven years. Many of you who are familiar with ALFA will have seen Zach over the years, working at our houses, on transportation, at our Day Programs and out in the community with our activity groups. Zach has for many years has led our team for our thrice weekly swimming program with our friends at the Sussex County YMCA. Zach takes a keen interest in the keeping our clients active and is regularly working on the exercise equipment and leading activity groups in floor exercise programs.

Zachary is from Kisii in Western Kenya, a beautiful city around 190 miles from the capital city of Nairobi. Kisii has many parks and lush green areas with the climate influenced by the regions proximity to Lake Victoria. After completing his high school education Zach went to university in the Punjab region of India where he earned his Bachelors degree. On his return to Kenya Zach taught tourism and administration as a member of the university faculty.

On coming over to the US, Zach spent some time at Hamline University in Minnesota before heading East,he now lives with his family in New Jersey but still makes annual trips back to Kenya to visit with his parents, extended family and to manage his business interests.

Zach is motivated by helping to nurture positive change in the family of clients that we serve. Over the years he has seen clients arrive with many challenges and has been able to work with them to increase their happiness, comfort and their independence.

Zachary is also a great fundraiser and for many years has raised impressive sums of money for events such as our Ashley Farms fundraiser and our Rugged Maniac events.

“To enable individuals with diverse needs to achieve purpose and independence through the quality and caring services of the ALFA family.”

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