ALFA Awards Scholarships

West Milford High School held their community awards ceremony on June the 8th 2016. ALFA Development Inc was delighted to be again represented at this event by Executive Director Debi Santa Lucia who presented two scholarships to local students. ALFA Development is based in West Milford and relies upon the support of local businesses and local government, in particular the Township’s Police and First Aid respondents who provide such a great service to ALFA and to the wider community. The scholarships that are presented by ALFA go some way to showing our support to the West Milford community through students in the High School who are either planning to work in the wider social service field or who have faced and overcome significant challenges in reaching for their dreams.

Ms Santa Lucia presented Emily Perry with $1000.00 on behalf of the James McMahon Scholarship. Emily is going on to study music therapy. Ms Santa Lucia then presented Christopher Hall with $1000.00 on behalf of the John William Salino Scholarship. Ms Santa Lucia congratulated the recipients on the receipt of their scholarships.


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